Ellicottville known as the “Aspen of the East” is a charming town located in the western part of the state northeast of Little Valley and just one mile north of Holiday Valley Golf and Ski Resort. Ellicottville has a main street that is lined with many boutiques, gift shops, clothing, jewelry, spas, salons, health food store, restaurants, cafes, grocery shopping and many breweries.

The village is filled with many services and festivals geared towards the large number of tourists that visit the area each year. The village has a historic district as well, with a unique town green, a museum, church and town hall.

Ellicottville is home to two of the largest Ski Resort areas in western New York. HoliMont Ski Resort is located here, which is the largest member-owned ski area in North America with 50 trails and 750 acres. Holiday Valley Ski Resort is the second largest ski area, with 56 slopes with challenging runs, gentle slopes for beginners and plenty of room for snowboarders and sledding.

The newly redesigned 18 hole par 70 “Double Black Diamond” golf course is challenging and well maintained with breathtaking scenery from every hole. The Double Black Diamond was nominated by Golf Magazine ’09 as one of the best redesigns in the country!

In the summer, Holiday Valley offers a scenic 18-hole par 70 golf course, with classes available during the summer months.

Nearby Allegany State Park has 65,000 acres for swimming, hiking, biking, hunting and fishing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. Ellicottville is also just fifteen minutes from the Chapel Hill Raceway. This is just a sampling of the numerous recreational opportunities available to visitors to the town of Ellicottville and beautiful Holiday Valley.

Summer is pleasant in this region, with plentiful sunshine, nice temperatures and moderate levels of humidity

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March 9, 2013: Mardi Gras (all day)
June 15, 2013: Holiday Valley Mudslide (all day)
July 5, 2013: Summer Music Festival (all day)
July 26, 2013: Ellicottville Jazz & Blues Weekend (all day)
August 10, 2013: Taste of Ellicottville (all day)
September 20, 2013: Rock N’ Roll Weekend (all day)
October 12, 2013: Fall Festival (all day)
November 9, 2013: 10th Annual Beer and Wine Festival (all day)
November 29, 2013: Christmas In Ellicottville (all day)
December 7, 2013: Christmas Stroll (all day)
January 3, 2014: Winter Blues Weekend (all day)

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